...One more change

After writing today's post yesterday, and then reading it again today, I felt good about saving the $20, but it didn't feel like enough.  We went back through the TV plan and decided to get rid of the premier package ($89.99) and move to Personal (basic) TV plus the Best of HD for a total of $74.90.  That will bring in an additional $15.09 in savings! 

That brings our total bill from $180.40, to $149.90!

Now that feels better.


  1. Good for you for making the change. You won't miss your home phone at all.

    1. Thanks! We realized the only person who phoned us using that was our grandmothers...so we'll just give them our cell's as our 'new numbers' and it should work out perfectly!

  2. Well done! Have you considered going without cable at all? We just have Netflix and find it covers all our viewing needs. That being said, we've been out of the TV loop for awhile, so we don't know what we're missing otherwise :) It saves a huge amount of money though. It would go a long way toward paying off your debts- $2,400 over your 3-year repayment schedule.

    1. We haven't...well, we've talked about it, but not seriously. Jordan loves all his sports channels wayyyy too much. But maybe someday!


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