My Money, My Choices

I've just signed up for Gail Vaz Oxlade's newest project: My Money, My Choices.

I'm wondering if anyone else has decided to go through her process?  I've just registered and am at Level 1 - Financial Literacy.  I think I'll probably get through the first couple of phases pretty quickly (I've kept a spend record for three years, so that'a tick box for the first activity).

I haven't found a community or team to work with yet - but I wanted to log in and get started to see what it was all about first.

I would love to hear your thoughts on if you've started the program, heard of it but aren't interested - or anything else!

As I work through the process, and the activities, i'll post my progress on my blog.


  1. Hi Jessie, love the new blog!

    I've gone through the MMMC program and was doing really well until I got to Will and POAs. Until we have kids we are purposely not doing them (even though maybe we should). All our RSP/TFSA/insurance has each other named as beneficiary (and we have contingents as well). So, until baby comes I don't really see the point but that's where I stopped with MMMC. Other than that I feel that I've got my finances mostly under control so I'm not too worried :)

    1. Hey Morgaine!

      Thanks! I've been feeling a bit uninspired to write lately, but when I came across Gail's new project it lit a fire under me to update the blog and get writing again. I'm hoping that as I go through her process I'll find even more great topics to write about.


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