February Spend Update

I've just finished February's spend report - but thought I would post it along side January for comparison.

You may remember I mentioned it had been a busy month - the gas bill sure shows it!  We're way down on groceries - but I would expect my mom's was higher than it normally is...I also traveled a lot for work and meals were comped.

We don't usually spend a lot on pets outside of dog food - but this was an extra bag to leave at my  mom's house along with a new leash for Aries.

Vehicle Maintaince - we had a 12 point inspection done for hitting 12,000 KM's on the Kia - everything is in good shape there and also had a few car washes and other odds and ends.

The Clothes bill this month is actually for drycleaning.  Jordan is wearing suits and dress shirts again so I expect to see this as a semi-regular occurrence going forward.

I registered for my fourth courses for the program I'm taking in school.  I've already been reimbursed through work for this one.



  1. Seems like the final spending amounts have been fairly consistant which makes for easier budgeting. I always find a correlation between groceries and eating out. If one is high the other is low, vice versa.

  2. I live in the same city as you (so I am aware of local costs) and I'm often taken aback by how much you are spending on eating and drinking for 2. (Not just for this past Jan/Feb, but I'm also referring to everytime you've posted your spending over the years). I'm not mentioning this "in judgment", but rather for accountability sake. You've mentioned in the past wanting to reduce these numbers, have you decided to give up on this goal?

    Again, I'm not referring only to this Jan/Feb spending (where there may have been exceptional circumstances) but also to the amounts throughout the years you've been posting your groceries, eating out, and alcohol expenses.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Absolutely - we spend a lot here, and absolutely I have a desire to spend less. There are two things to keep in mind. First, Jordan and I actually haven't set a "goal' for spending in these categories, so while I do want to do better here, this is something that will take both my and Jordan's commitment. These are areas that I can't fix alone.

      Number two, albeit not a significant factor, is that while there's only two mouths permanently in our household, we have house guests several times a month, every month.

      You've given me some food for thought, and I appreciate that. I think it's definitely worth bringing up to Jordan again to see if he really wants to tackle this with me.


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