August and September Monthly Spend Summaries

Wow - so I sure slacked off last month in not posting August monthly spend summary - so today you'll get both August and September.

Gas is consistent - even after the purchase of the car.  We took both vehicles to my home town because I was staying a few extra days and Jordan had to go back to work, plus a couple of other trips around the city.  I expect that October will be far less....crossing my fingers anyways.

Groceries has settled down...some now that we're not camping any more - but we spent a big chunk of money (about $100) on an end of the summer BBQ at the house...so that explains part of why it's still so high.  I would like to see this closer to $400-500 and eating out back down to around $150.  We've been splurging on food.

Alcohol also went way down now that we're not out camping all of the time - it works out to be about $50/week which makes sense for a case of beer and a bottle of wine.

Home Maintenance and Education went up, but I'm saving talking about those for posts later this week.


  1. Camping does get expensive. We spend a lot on beer and I'm certainly not drinking now. It looks like it was a pretty good month overall. Good job!


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