Jordan Got a Raise....Sort of.

Almost a month ago, I shared with you all that Jordan got a raise.  He had an incredible performance review and was left feeling valued and confident.

Four weeks later and it's all gone to crap.  I won't get into all the details other to say that he works for a company that is perhaps the least organized and professional that I have ever seen when it comes to managing performance/salary expectations.

His pay raise has been reduced from $300/month down to $250/month and he will not receive the increase in pay until November.  Effective November 4th - both pays for the month should show the new rate.  A month of stress, anxiety and b*ll sh*t for $600....it's pretty pathetic that the leadership at his company chose to behave that way.  He will also start getting a flat $40/month to cover part of his cell phone bill has he's expected to take off-the-clock work phone calls.

His new annual salary of $54,400 ($26.15/hour) will net about $68.62 more each pay, or $1.784.13 a year - which is about $462.02 less then we were anticipating. I'll be updating the 2014 budget with the new numbers this week as we get closer to posting it.



  1. Why on earth would they do that? Its stuff like that that makes people want to start job hunting.

  2. That's exactly what happens! He was so absolutely loyal to them and now he's updating his linkedin profile...sheesh.

  3. I had a similar experience... I was told my raise was going to be a certain number and when I got the official paper it was $10,000 less...I started the job hunt that day, lol.


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