Have you ever purchased something specifically because of a rebate that was offered?

Back in December, 2012 I was purchasing contact lenses, and because of the rebate offered, I bought more than I needed immediately because I figured I would use them eventually.  I sent away for the rebate prior to the January 30th deadline and what did I get in the mail last month?

I received a letter, as well as the rebate form that I sent explaining that the program had closed and I was ineligible because I submitted after the deadline.

Well.  They also sent me the original envelope, which was postmarked with a date of January 19th.

I phoned up Bausch & Lomb and spoke a very lovely customer service agent a few days ago...and guess what?  She approved the rebate on the spot, apologized and said I would have a cheque in the mail for $40 within a few weeks.

I went from cranky to happy in about 5 seconds.

Hizzah!  Another $40 for the backyard.



  1. Its kinds of ironic that you post this. Every time I've submitted a contact lens rebate, I've had issues. Every single time...

    1. This was the first time for me, but now that I know - i'll make sure to pay more attention to the dates and timing of them for sure.

  2. $40 is sure worth calling about.

    1. I thought so! We also just got a $20 rebate from the paint we bought.


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