May, 2013 Monthly Budget

A few days late, but here is the budget for May:

I haven't posted budgets for a while - because mine are usually always the same.  I thought though, for the sake of any new readers that have come my way over the last few months since I started writing more actively again, I would do a bit of a catch up.

This May, Jordan is paid three times - so you can see his income is a lot higher than normal.

Below our income you can see our fixed expenses.   Utilities are paid every other month and include water, sewer, waste and garbage pick up.  Enmax (further down) includes our electricity and gas (heat) and that's every month. Now that we're in the summer I expect Enmax to go down (less heat) and my city utilities to go up (more water).

Property taxes are every month, and we pay them ourselves rather then incorporating them into the mortgage.

Next up are our cell phones - we're waiting for our contracts to expire in about six months and then we're going to look at a combined family plan, to get just one bill/one contract and hopefully pay a lot less.

Shaw includes internet, tv, and home phone.  We did a big post about that a few months back and are paying a lot less then we used to be.

I'm excited that in October, when our auto-insurance renews because my last speed ticket falls off of my record so our rates should go down again.  That'll be great!

Next up is our Car (Escape) and Mortgage payments - these are every week and because May has 5 Fridays, we'll have five payments instead of four. Our Monthly Spending (this is gas, groceries, clothes, entertainment and everything that is not a fixed expense) is managed the same way with a deposit every Friday.

Finally we have our RRSP contributions and the last top up to our Emergency Fund (which should actually show as a negative number, not positive) - which brings all of our savings goals for 2013 to 100%.

The last (perhaps most interesting?) is how much cash is left over.  This is all going towards our big backyard project!  Every  month going forward - every bit of cash left over is being directed to this project.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have!



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