Updated Tracking Bars

All the tracking bars are updated with the 2013 goals and current balances!

Question - does anyone get a Christmas or annual bonus/profit share this time of year?  If you do, how do you manage where it gets allocated?


  1. No bonus here in education land. My husband has never received one either. Must be great fun to get one! Enjoy.

  2. How about a few bucks to fun and the rest to a goal? Dad always bought a toy back in the bonus days

  3. I think Jordan would like the toy idea ;)

  4. I've never received one as I work for the State Government. But my partner got one last year which was equal to half of his usual monthly pay. We just put it into our mortgage. However this year their company is in trouble, and instead everyone has to take a 20% pay cut, not much joy this year. So this year our savings are taking a hit instead!

  5. We get our bonus in September, & typically allocate it to pay off principal on our mortgage, education funds for the kids, & various savings goals. And always one trip!


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