Short Term Disability

So..Jordan had emergency surgery two weeks ago to have his appendix removed - he went from mild discomfort to get that thing outta him in about 14 hours.

He's set to go back to work on Monday - but didn't have enough sick time to cover the two week period.  We applied for STD through his work benefits program and was approved.  Thankfully, his program didn't have a waiting period.  Unfortunately, the benefit is only 70%.

On top of that, the second part of Jordan's raise STILL hasn't gone through.  Which means he got 70% of $48K not 70% of $50K.

Needless to say - my whole budget is out-of-whack. We're $500 short on his regular pay plus another $200 short because of his raise.


Guess who's credit card is not getting paid off in time for Christmas.


I did have a bit of a buffer with cash flow in December - but we're going to be $300 short...and that assumes that Jordan's raise will at least go through for December..only two months late.



  1. You are actually lucky that you had a benefit of 70%. Most disability policies don't pay that much. Good think Jordan got it out in time.

  2. Hope Jordan is feeling better, & that your budget is recovering quickly as well. ;-)

  3. Yikes! Get well soon, Jordan!

  4. Time for a heart to heart with the raise approver...


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