Making Up for It

So we got a random deposit of $500(+) from Jordan's insurance provider this morning - that's fantastic because today our weekly mortgage payment also came out.

We have looked into a few other things we can do to help with the bit of shortfall, and still meet our goal of paying of the credit card.

  • We checked our points Aeroplan/Air Miles balances
    • We had enough Aeroplan to order a $100 Costco gift card - it should arrive in the next week or so
  • Checked with Enmax
    • We have signed up with something called Easy Max Rewards with Enmax - basically you accrue $100 a year (or you can get it applied to each bill in increments) as a 'thank you' for bundling your utilities with them
    • We have a $88.48 credit we'll be applying to the next bill 
  • Return Pop Cans
    • When we have a bag full of recyclables we toss them in the back of Jordan's truck (it has a canopy and isn't driven much). 
    • We haven't gone yet (but hopefully this weekend) - the truck has half a dozen black garbage bags full - I'm crossing my fingers for about $50-$75 there.

With these three methods - we've almost found the $300 shortfall!! 

What strategies do you have to find more money when you have a shortfall or unexpected drop in income? (other than your emergency fund, which I know, I know, we need to get funded again).



  1. I have to say that reading your post just now has renewed my faith in common sense and personal responsibility.

    The three methods you listed are so simple, and yet so effective! How many other bloggers would have just said "I'll have to ask my parents for money again" or "I have no choice but to use my credit card again" ... etc.

    Off the top of my head two suggestions from me would be:

    1. Review memberships/subscriptions. So many of us sign up for something, pay for it, then never use it. If you haven't read that magazine in the last six months it's arrived, you won't read it in the next six months either. Cancel the subscription and have the remaining amount credited back to you.

    2. Go through your house and see what you already have ie. shop from your own house. Don't buy any more toiletries until you have finished what's there. Finally eat the non-perishables that have been hanging out in the pantry for awhile.

    There are so many more ... and it all boils down to common sense and taking personal responsibility for one's own finances.

    Like I said I'm so glad I read your post because I read too many like this one grown woman who has her mother pay her mortgage, while she uses her own money to pay for Weight Watchers while at the same time spending over $200.00 per month on junk food takeout.

  2. Why thank you Anonymous. I appreciate the thoughtful comments and feedback. I have to say, I'm very curious to know what personal finance blogger is relaying on their mother to pay their mortgage?!

  3. I'll second the - looking for things around the house you can sell. Can you pick up any seasonal work? Surveys? Cut back on any cable packages/cell phone/internet speed?

  4. We have a ton of cans in our extra shed and your post reminds me that we need to turn them in. Good luck, Jessie. You are being resourceful and that's the most important thing. Do you have any loose change around? Or any old gift cards that you could use or sell online?

  5. I spend the money i made last month, which gives me a built in buffer from the one to two paychecks I've received this month. It's like a mini emergency fund built in to your budget so you can give yourself a payday loanif you ever need it.


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