Officially Homeless

We handed over the keys to our rental last night to our landlord and don't have possession of our new home until December 8th - we are officially homeless.

My gracious Maid of Honor and Best Friend has opened her doors to us and we've now taken over her spare bedroom - we brought more items that we had planned on because the weather dropped into freezing temperatures and we didn't need exploding/frozen bottles of cleaners and bulk kitchen goods in the truck...good thing she's such a gem!

Jordan and I are both mentally and physically exhausted and are looking forward to resting for a few days.

We have our orientation of the new house this afternoon - wish us luck!


  1. I can just imagine how stressful it is for you right but keep remembering how exciting it will be when you have your own home! I really hope you post lots of pictures!

    Side note - what do you mean you have an orientation for your new house? I never heard of it!

  2. @ Anon - We built our home brand new so there are several 'orientations' to ensure that everything is being done the way we requested (paid for).

    Yesterday's orientation was about making sure the finishing details were correct. We walk through the house and point out any imperfections in the paint/finishings which the builder than has until possession to sort out.


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