Unexpected Laptop Issues

While my computer is packed, we kept Jordan's laptop out and available for our transition period of homelessness.  Unforutnatly, a couple of days ago we realized it had shifted in the vehicle (read dropped) and unforutnatly the hard drive crashed.  In to Memory Express we went - $250 later, we have a new hardware and new operating system.

The good news is that $250 is a lot less money than a new laptop!

The next couple of days should be pretty quiet as we had our last house related meeting, prior to possession, on Saturday.  I'm hoping to get caught up on blogging and go visit the pups a few times while Jordan is studying for and then taking an exam this week.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I guess I should be more careful how I pack mine!

  2. I'm now getting caught up on your blog and it seems a lot has happened since yellow knife.

    I see you've already moved out but won't be moving in until the 8th which is 3 days away so that must be exciting.

    Love the new layout of the blog and the design.

  3. Looks good this morning!

  4. I'm glad you both like the new look!

    It's a new year with new priorities, so I thought I needed a new look :)


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