I feel a bit like Winnie the Pooh tonight - always had a lot going on, but had troubles focusing. 

Financially there's a few interesting things going on, I'm getting a Profit Share from work and we got part of our damage deposit back from our landlord - but I've talked so much about it with Jordan and I'm not really motivated to go into great detail about it. 

Emotionally I'm pretty drained.  My Maid of Honor has made it really easy to settle in at her place, but it is her place - not our place and so I feel a bit out of place. 

Family wise....My brother just got a promotion at work - so we're really excited for him and he's starting to take a pretty keen interest in his finances which is awesome.  My dad is sick, and while most of the time I'm pretty okay, once in a while I hear a song or think of something and just have to have a little cry.  Jordan is pretty amazing thought, I get hugs whenever I need them.

Work is super busy right now.  We are completely understaffed and don't appear to have a training or hiring plan in place...we're not meant to work any over time, but I am and am hoping that the axe doesn't fall on me for that.  I feel like my team is spinning a bit out of control and I'm doing what I can to hold it together, but I really don't feel like I'm doing a good enough job (I'm not a supervisor, am one of two intermediates on my team).

I'm really looking forward to Christmas, but am starting to put a lot of pressure on myself to get the house totally unpacked and settled before the holidays, but I'm not sure how realistic that is.  It's like I can't help but to put pressure on myself where none really needs to be there.

I asked Jordan what we were going to do with ourselves after we get settled in - it's been a pretty big year with buying a new vehicle, adopting two dogs, getting married and building our first home.  We had some jokes about it - but I really am not sure what I'll do with all my energy. 

Will I put more into work? life? family?

I hope to put a bit more time into family and friends and maybe, just maybe, a little time for myself.


  1. Sounds like a lot has gone on with you this year! It should be nice to relax soon.

  2. Take a deep breath. Okay? And when you are unpacking by yourself on Friday, I suggest you completely finish with everything you bring in the first load before you bring more in, to keep the mess down.

  3. @ Michelle - that's what Jordan keeps saying, unfortunately - i'm not really that good at relaxing

    @ Mom - Good suggestion momma, thanks!

  4. Seriously hope you chill and take time for yourself to relax. I hope you relieve all the stress and spend this holiday time with your loved ones! You did amazing things this year!:)

  5. Hope your move went well and you are enjoying your new home. I really enjoy your blog and have linked up to you with the Liebster Award on mine.


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