Surgery One Week Later

A week ago I had surgery on my right foot for my plantar facilities.  The doctor had to re-injure the facia because it's no longer healing on its own, or with traditional solutions like physiotherapy and orthopedics.  They stabbed my heel 40-50 times with a very thin needle, which should encourage my body to heal that and the other issues.

On top of that, we also did a PRP injection.  I linked to the Wiki if anyone is interested, but what they did was take a vile of my own blood and then shook it until it separated.  They then injected the platelets back into my foot.  The idea is that it speeds up healing.

Fingers Crossed.  My doctors says it works for about 80%

The hardest part this past week has been managing Little Man.  He's not walking yet, but he sure is mobile with crawling and pulling himself up onto furniture.  Not to mention he loves being picked up and carted around and cuddled.  So he's been a bit fussy and cranky with having to be a bit more independent and at the same time, a bit more restricted with me using the exersaucer quite a bit more than we have before.

One more week of zero weight baring and then I can gradually start using it again.  Here's to counting down.

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  1. Yah that doesn't sound fun at all... Ouch! Hope you heal quickly and can move easier to keep up with your little one!


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