Renovation Budget Update

So much has been happening with the house since my last update.  We've met with our general contractor (my uncle), several times.  We've met with the plumber and electrician, and started spending $$ too.

Here's a break down of what we have spent so far.  This does not include any of our general contractor's labour, plumbing or electrical labour which will be the biggest expenses.

The green highlights are confirmed prices, and the orange is what has been actually spent.  Some things just have deposits on them, which is why there is spending in both categories.

Building in rural Canada isn't cheap, but it's going to be done well and we're excited about that.  We're doing as much as we can too - to save $$.  You know that Jordan and I have done all of the demo, and we're also doing all of the painting.  We'll be painting our cabinet doors and trim too when the time comes.

We're so excited!



  1. Sounds very exciting!! Just imagine it when all is said and done! Will be worth it all I'm sure!! :)


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