Savings Plan Update

The Escape is so close to being paid off I can taste it...we're down to $8,900 - down from $28K.

After a bit of a chat with Jordan, and bouncing some ideas off of my mom; we've decided to forgo re-starting the RRSPs/Planned Savings for just a couple of months (I had stopped them all when we were switching automatic transactions from the joint-chequing to the new joint-savings work horse account).

I would much rather have one less payment when we eventually get pregnant; then the alternative.  Doing this gives us $800-$2,000 each month to dump onto that debt...the amount varies depending on how Jordan's salary works out...we're still in limbo with his employer extending his guarantee every month, for a month which makes things difficult to plan for; but we're enjoying the bump while we have it and crossing our fingers for something more permanent as he grows his career and reputation there.



  1. That's a great idea! I always find when I'm focused on one goal it gets accomplished so much faster than dividing my attention/money to multiple goals. That's great that Jordan's employer is giving you guys the guarantee, must really help with budgeting :)

    1. It's so hard to achieve anything when it's just little bits to like ten different goals, I agree! I hate stopping RRSPs, but my pension and share contributions won't stop - so I'm rationalizing that it makes sense to get something finished in the short-term.


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