July 1st Networth Update


So...today, I was going to tell you how Jordan and I broke through the $100,000 Networth barrier!  Wow!

but...we didn't.

Our networth actually went down.

So what happened?
  • Our Tangerine Funds went down slightly
  • My Sunlife Funds went down slightly
  • We spent more money then we had
  • We haven't been reimbursed for Jordan's new teeth yet (over $2,100)

That'll teach me for getting excited before it actually happens.

But, some good news!  We now owe less than $10,000 on the Escape...and that's still pretty awesome.

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  1. You're so close! Next month :) Also, I'm always doing that... anticipating something that I treat as linear, but then the market does a little dip and throws me right off course (by $10 or something silly).


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