My Money, My Choices - Level 4, Activity 3 and 4

Activity 3 is one I can really sink my teeth into, in this one, we have to check our credit history reports.  Activity 4 is to correct any errors.  I requested them for both Jordan and I on April 14th from both Equifax and Transunion and the Equifax ones arrived last week.

Managing your credit is your responsibility, and checking in on the two bureaus is part of that job to make sure that everything is right....waiting until you need credit, until your buying a home, refinancing, getting a credit card - whatever - is NOT the time to do this...because repairing mistakes can take time to fix.

I'm very pleased to share that everything is in good order!  The Kia and the Amex show up on Jordan's report and the Escape, LOC, Joint C/C, Cell Phones and my Visa show up on my report.  The mortgage however; is missing.

I called them, and apparently they only report to TransUnion - so we'll wait another week or so until that report shows up and check.

They do have some wrong contact information for us, and they haven't updated Jordan's job - so we'll get that sorted out and check this off as complete.


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  1. I do this too, check one bureau in January and the other in June/July. Its definitely our own responsibility to make sure everything looks the way it should :)


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