My Money, My Choices - Level 4, Activity 1 & 2

Level 4 is all about credit...which is a tool and important to learn how to use well.  When credit, turns to debt it becomes a tool that weighs us down and prevents us from achieving financial independence.

Activity 1 is to get a credit card...well that's an easy one to check of as complete.  I have a personal VISA in my name only that I use when travelling for work to keep those expenses separate and Jordan and I have a joint AMEX (with him as primary) and a joint Mastercard (with me as primary).  It's really important for our own credit identities to ensure that each of us is the primary on at least one; that way when the credit card companies report to the credit reporting agencies - we're both building a good credit history.

Activity 2 is to consistently use credit - I'm comfortable tracking that activity as complete as well because we use our cards and pay them off consistently.



  1. I'm probably too good at consistantly using credit ;P But I'm also getting better at consistantly paying it off too :D

  2. Have you received your credit report yet?

    1. Check out today's post, we did! Later this week there's one coming about how to order it.


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