April Spend Report

April was the first month were we committed to tracking our spending on a weekly basis, but because I'm just tracking our day-to-day spending (the $600/two weeks) - I still want to do a monthly reconciliation to catch anything that hit a credit card, or that was planned spending like vacation, education, gifts etct.

Here is April's breakdown, and I included the first three months of the year as comparison.  On the surface - we spent pretty much double then we did each of those months....

Looking at the details - a lot went to Gas - that was some vacation expenses that were planned for.  Our groceries was about the same, and eating out was the lowest it's been this year!!  Yay! Progress!  Alcohol was stead at $150, which I'm good with.  Pets, Medical, Vehicle Maintenance and Education all hit us hard, but were all reasonably planned for an expected.

The medical is the first of many expenses for Jordan's second dental implant.  We won't see a reimbursement for this for well into July/August most likely - but most of it should be (we did a pre-determination but you never know with benefits).  The dogs were there annual vet check, vaccinations, and a date at doggy day-care to get groomed.  And the vehicle maintenance is frustrating.  We've had a tonne of crap happen with the Escape from a flat tire & repair, summer-winter tire rotation, a rear wiper malfunction and getting the hitch wiring re-installed because the first job done by u-Haul was crap.  My work already gave me the funds for the education, but I've got to pay it.  There's just one more course in June and then I'm done my certificate program.

The reimbursables have been reimbursed and were from a couple of work trips Jordan had.


  1. Great job on getting the eating out down! Me and hubby totally need to work on this one ... Pets can be expensive but they are worth it :)

    1. Thanks Morgaine! We still have a ways to go, but it feels good to make a start!


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