DIY: Diaper Cake

For my girlfriends recent baby shower, one of our gifts (aside from hosting the shower), was a homemade diaper cake!  For a grand total of $152.30 - we set the family up to have everything they would need at bath time including:
  • Two towels
  • Two teddy bears
  • A Bathtub thermometer
  • Bath Toys
  • Baby Powder
  • Baby Oil
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Travel sized bath kit
  • 6 Wash clothes
  • A HUGE box of diapers was left over from the cake - you can see the edge of it in the picture on the left
  • Pizza pan - okay - that's not for bath time, but that was to give the whole thing enough strength that it wouldn't fall apart when we carried it.

Here's a summary of the cost:

Bath Stuff/Teddy  $              91.85
Diapers  $              37.62
Ribbon  $              14.46
Pizza Pan  $                8.37
Total                                $             152.30
How did I put it together?

Well, you can see that each diaper is rolled up from end to end, what you can't see is that in the center of the cake are the big bottles of baby powder and shampoo.  Keeping it all together are dozens and dozens of elastic bands.



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