A few weeks ago, I wrote about The New Plan and the Credit Card Pay Off Plan and I thought it was time to update you on how it's going.

The New Plan is in full swing and it's working.

ING Thrive was a bit of a pain in the a$$ but seeing as how they wouldn't allow for two joint chequing accounts - we've had to just get a single chequing that we're sharing one card.  I was a bit apprehensive, but we didn't want ING to stand in our way of trying out this new way of managing our spending.   Jordan and I are together most of the time - so it's been fine sharing the one card.

I'm finding that I'm already much more relaxed about impromptu spending, because I know that all the bills are safe in our joint account - the spending account has only one job - spend.   We've been getting gas/groceries on either Friday after work or Saturday and once that's taken care of, it really doesn't matter what we spend the rest on.  If we run out, we run out.  We have - a couple of times - but it wasn't a big deal because we knew that on Friday we'd get our $300 again and be just fine.

The Credit Card Pay Off Plan is working as well.

We've actually even shortened the timeline by a month already.  I got a raise and also have forcasted when we'll reach our EI and CPP maximums this year and have allocated the extra cash to the debt as well.

So while I haven't been very inspired to write much lately, we're on track and that's a great feeling.


  1. How about updating your side bars (mortgage, vehicle, etc.?)

  2. @ Anon - even when I'm not writing, I tend to keep those fairly up to date, but thanks for the reminder!

  3. So glad the Plan is working.

  4. You know what? We're actually the same with our checking account - just the one card. But we get by fine - he also has his own account and card for his fun money and we have a CC. We're together a lot of the time and I personally don't spend anything on weekdays usually.

  5. Glad to hear that its working well for you. It's weird to me that you don't have 2 cards. Canadian accounts are a lot different.

  6. Thanks everyone, we're really happy too!

    @ND Chic - I know! it's so annoying! ING would only let us have one joint chequing account (which we already have) and we wanted to use a seperate joint account for the day to day spending, but wouldn't let us have a second joint account w/ a second card...they said they are 'working on it'

  7. You are always planning ahead and almost always 1 step ahead in the present. So happy things are working out for you.

  8. Congratulations on the raise! You earned it. And it's great to hear that your plan is working out for you, from the sound of it you are going to be debt-free in no time and ahead of schedule!


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