I got a Raise

It's that time of year again at my company and I'm pleased to share that I received a raise.  This year, I moved up 6.8% to $63,000 (I was at $59,000).  I'm really quite satisfied with the increase and feel as though my contributions to my team and my company have been recognized.  In a time where many people aren't receiving increases (still! which I think is crazy!), I was a bit hesitant to share the numbers - but Jordan and I are really pleased plus it means an update to the budget once again (we're crossing our fingers that he'll see an increase this summer as well).

Here's a bit of a snapshot for those that are curious of my salary progression since starting with my company:

So..you may be wondering, how much I will be taking home?  That's the question I wanted to know too.  I won't show you all the math (there was a lot, including adjusting for my benefit deductions) - but i'll give you the summary:

The first two boxes are what may pay was (bi-weekly) based on $59K the second two boxes are based on my bi-weekly pay at $63K.

The net increases is $175 and some cents (no I didn't share the math for the two months where there's three pays, but it would basically be the same w/out the benefit deductions).



  1. I am in (healthy and supportive) envy of your raise. congrats

  2. Congratulations! Raises at this point in the economy is definitely something to be proud of.

  3. That's awesome that you've worked your way up in the company and have nearly doubled your salary in that time. You must be doing some really good work to get those consistent raises. Congrats!

  4. Your salary has really increased. Great job on the raise!

  5. That's really awesome. Your salary has grown a lot since 2008 and so have you.


  6. Congratulations!! That's amazing news!

  7. That is an excellent raise! Your raises have been quite nice every year. Congratulations!


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