Credit Card Pay Off Plan

Here go...round three?

(ding - ding - ding)

We currently owe just over $4,500 on our credit card..again.  Below are the months for the rest of the year and the debt pay offs that we're committed to each month.  Regular months, with four pays, will see $225 payment.  Months with five pays will see a payment of just under $800 and March sees the largest payment because on top of being a five pay month - we also received a payment from our shares at my work.

What's different this time?  If you missed it, go back a couple of days and check out The New Plan.  The biggest differentiating factor this time is that we actually won't be using the cards at the same time.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to continue to do my month spend tracking - but i'll give it a try using the debt card/tracking receipts a bit better.


  1. At least you keep trying!

  2. Did you take in your calculations the interest rate for the borrowed money or is your card on 0%?

  3. You have one the first two rounds. No doubt you will win once again. After that, all you have to do is master holding on to that title belt. I think you've already found your solution to keeping away the credit card debt for good this time.


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