February Spending Report

It's that time of the month again...below is our monthly spend report for February.  I've chosen to start including a percentage of total spending for interest.

Our gas budget continues to trend high; however this month our grocery bill seems to have settled a bit.  We ate out a tad more and drank a tad more - but still within fairly reasonable limits.

Education had a bit of a bump because I had to pay my professional membership dues.

February was our lowest spend month since September - so I'm really pleased with that.  I feel like we're making some good progress to be careful with how quickly we whip out the credit card to pay for our day to day expenses.

Compared to this time last year, we're miles ahead...check it out:



  1. Miles ahead indeed. I think you did very well, especially in comparison to last year. Your gas has really skyrocketed. Is there a specific reason for that?

  2. I'm impressed how much lower your alcohol costs are! Now that we bought our house, I'm trying to get my husband on a "wine budget". We love our vino, but it's starting to get out of control!

  3. We are working on lowering our wine expenses too. It's good, I love my wine with dinner, but it's just not worth it especially considering alcohol prices in Norway...


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