Thank You!

Both my mom and Jordan's grandma gave us cash this year for Christmas. Traditionally I haven't always appreciated that sort of gift, but it was truly spot on with what we wanted this year.

Jordan and I have been really itching fr a new kitchen table. We bought and refinished the one we have about three years ago for $50. It's done the job and while the table is in decent shape the chairs are getting really wobbly.

I wanted a table that would could extend to 90 inches in length so that we could host a really big family dinner and everyone could sit at the table, together.

We the cash gifts from our family and returning one of the gifts from another we were able to get exactly what we wanted!

Below are pics both extended and without the leaf - its a beut and fits in perfectly!

Thank you do much to Momma and Baba!


  1. Wow, that was fast! It looks nice! Also, liking your new theme (:

  2. It looks lovely, Jessie.

  3. Love the table and the style of the chairs. Thanks for sharing pictures.

  4. I really like it. Very nice!


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