DIY - Stairs

One of the options that Jordan and I didn't want to pay our home builder for was stairs in the back.  We're intending on building a deck in the spring, so really didn't see the value in paying to install stairs that we would just tear out.

It's been about six weeks in the new house now and we were both finding that we would really like to use the back entrance to the house.  The front entrance has been getting sooo messy with muddy dog paws!

Today, while I'm in BC visiting my family, Jordan built us some stairs - for a pretty decent price!

It cost $74.48 to build these stairs and took an hour and a  half!  It's such a good 'temporary set' that Jordan things we may be able to incorporate them into the deck too! I'm so excited and he did such a good job, I can't wait to test them out.


  1. Very nice!! a great way to use your back for now and not put a whole lot of time and effort into something that will be changed out.

  2. Nice! I love stairs :) Good job Jordan

  3. Jordan says "...nod..smile.."

    he loves getting comments!! Thanks guys, we're pretty happy with them too!


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