Income Tax

Who's excited to file their income taxes this year?

I am!

In fact, I've already done a 'dry run' and come up with a net return of about $1,000 (just for me, not including J).  Now I just have to wait for my T4 to get it done properly.

Question for you all - do you use online tax return software or do you do your taxes by hand and mail it in?


  1. I definitely do my taxes online, although this year I'm thinking that I may need a professional....first time home buyer, move 400+km, sale of said first home with a purchase of a new home because of the move happening in 2012, a different tax year.

    I've done a very a dry run on my own via Turbo Tax -- I'm sitting at about $2,800 refund. Once all of my paperwork arrives, I'll decide if it's better to go at it alone officially or have a pro do it!

  2. I do my taxes online, it makes it a lot easier. I've done a very dry run, and we should be getting back around $6,000, mainly because of the college credit.

  3. I'm excited too! We'll have to pay several thousand dollars since Peanut freelanced for the first quarter of the yea lr and I'm looking forward to knowing how much we owe so I know how much I have left over to use for decorating!

  4. Wow that time of the year sure comes up fast! I hope I get a return again!!

  5. I use TaxAct! Cheaper than Turbo Tax and it was completely easy to use last year. I ended up getting ~$1400 I think. This year I haven't done my taxes yet but I will use TaxAct again.

  6. I get someone to do it for me. With business expenses and income, childcare and hubby's stuff, it's way more complicated than I want to deal with.

  7. Oh wow, some of you have HUGE returns coming your way!

    I really do love this time of year.

  8. We have an accountant do our taxes. I had so many write-offs with my old job that I needed somebody. Yay for $1000!

  9. We use online software. It is really easy and quick to use. Plus I like that it gets submitted right away. You don't have to wait for the mail.

  10. I used to do it by hand but it's easier and faster doing it online. I used turbo tax. Last year, I got nearly $4500 back. This year, I should get a good amount as well. I still have university credits left and a lots of stuff to deduct & I already know I was over-taxed.

    Quick question, did you write your own budget or did you download a template? I'm looking for a really good bi-weekly template.
    For now, based on template, i make my own but it's not perfect :/

  11. I use online software.. I just find it easier because it auto-calculates so much.

    I am SO excited for my tax return. I WANT IT RIGHT NOW.

  12. Don't try to do your own return unless you've attended a class that specifically covers your situation. If you go into it blind, you're risking a lot. The code that dictates government withholding is filled with complexities and intricacies that are often difficult for even a trained legal professional to understand.


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