Spending Update

Below are September and October spending recaps (I get the bills in the first week of the following month - that's why I have Oct/Nov below).  The October bill was a bit horrific...oops, but November was back on track with spending of just over $1,600.

Our gas bill has gone up significantly as we've been driving out to see our new house every couple of days, monitoring the progress of the build.  

I did some early Christmas shopping which shows on the October bill and Jordan and I also bought a few pieces of new furniture for the new house (home maintenance) that were on an amazing sale.



  1. I bet it felt good to get November back on track.

  2. I can't believe how much less you spend on alcohol now compared to a year ago. Props to you! Is your furinture under home maintenance?

  3. @ ND Chic - it's pretty crazy hey?

    The few pieces of furniture we bought are under home maintenance..I wasn't sure where else to put it.

  4. Wow - you two have really cut down on the Eating Out!


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