Home & Debt Update

If you follow me on Twitter you know that Jordan and I have our possession date - December 8th! You also know that to save money we gave notice for November 30th, which means we're pretty much going to be homeless for eight days.  At first we thought we might stay at a hotel because even that would be less expensive then rent and utilities for the full month of December but then both our Maid of Honor and Best Man offered their homes to us and while smaller, we chose to stay with my Maid of Honor.  She lives in a quieter place and also has a free parking stall that we can use for one of our vehicles.

Here's a few pics of the house:

We've been purging and packing every night for the last few weeks so that we're only bringing things into our new home that we want to have there - everything else has to go - including everything that old roommates have left behind.  So far, we've filled our recycling and garbage bins three times (full!) and sold $460 worth of goods. After a late night delivery last night of a few items, we stopped by the bank to make a deposit - it felt soooo good!

Here's an update on our joint credit card debt after making a payment this morning - unfortunately, it's gone  up a bit but we are still on track to have it paid off at the end of December - where is this extra money coming from you ask?  It's an assumption that I'll get a bit of profit share from my company, some of our damage deposit back and will pay out some banked overtime hours if I have to.

I hope to get back to posting a bit more regularly soon - but for now I imagine it will continue to be sporadic.


  1. You must be so excited! Not long before December 8th.

    I LOVE your kitchen!!

  2. You better put a nice bottle of wine in the budget for your MOH


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