Wedding Budget

Two days before the wedding I lost my life.

That's right, the little USB that I carry around with me everywhere - it's always in my purse, always.  and...I.Lost.It.  Thankfully my mom and my Maid of Honor helped keep my head on straight and we figured out who I owed money too and what the itinerary was.  

Jordan couldn't find the USB back home and I was convinced that it was lost for good - so I kind of gave up on keeping track of the last few things we had to buy for the wedding.  I've gone through credit card statements and banking statements and tried to figure it all out.  So it's taken a little while but I've finally finished tallying all the numbers from the wedding and honeymoon. 



  1. Good thing you were keeping to a tight budget. But it was perfectly you and Jordan.

  2. You must have freaked. I probably would have for a moment but you had good support and it's good you settled down and controlled the situation.

    Also great that you got a list of everything again.

    Even greater is the fact that you came in under budget. You certainly are amazing.

  3. This makes me SO glad that I eloped for a final cost of $50!


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