Debt Update

So far so good in that we're sticking to the plan, as of today we're under $10,000 - here is the debt breakdown:

This is what we have left for payments:

You can see that Jordan and My credit card are now under their 1/3 balances and we're half way their for the joint credit card.  We've received confirmation in the mail that Jordan will be receiving his grant monies within the next ten days - so that will go straight on to the joint card once we get it.

We have to make a slight adjusted to Jordan's pay off plan as something happened and there is $76 dollar's more than I thought (I probably wrote the numbers down wrong the first time or something).

Hopefully we'll get some bonus'/windfalls or some such thing to get the joint card paid of by the time we take possession of the house but I think we'll wind up having to use some of our closing cost monies (which we won't need all of for the house) as well as potentially the damage deposit from the rental that we're in now (which isn't a guarantee).


  1. Why are you not including the Ford Escape in your debt? It's a significant debt, after-all ... I'm curious.

  2. You are really eating through this debt. It's scary.

    @ Anonympus - If I may(sorry if I am out of place), I believe the reason the escape isn't listed there is because this debt is only related to the wedding.


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