Little Things

As part of 'the plan' Jordan and are are going through recent credit card transactions as well as our checking accounts and looking for auto transactions that may be adding to the debt load with out us being fully aware.  In the last two weeks we've found and cancelled the following things:

The RRSPs an Allowances we did straight off the bat, but all the rest we have found during the last couple of weeks.  I'm really thankful for Jordan for these because they have all been by his initiative - without noticing those, our credit cards would have gone up by $103/month without really understanding why.

Thanks Jordan!


  1. It's definitely those types of little things that quickly add up to overspending. Good on both of you for taking the time to recognize this and do something about it! Every dollar helps when you are balancing a budget and paying off debt!

  2. I have heard (read) of people getting back credit for things that they did not actually sign up for. Any possibilities there?

  3. Nice move Jessie and Jordan.

  4. Just curious, how long are you going to stop your RRSP contributions for? I have car debt but won't stop the retirement contributions cuz those are super important.

  5. Nice moves. I too would be a little hesitant about the RRSP cancellation though.

  6. @ Girl & Canadian - We're only stopping RRSP contributions and our allowances until the debt is paid off in November. It was a very drastic move, one that I didn't take lightly - but we felt it was the best thing we could do in the short term as the debt needs to get paid off before we take possession.

  7. That is great! :) Congrats on your house! We built ours 5 years ago and we love it! :) I love your blog! I blogged about how I am saving an extra 8k this year! :) Check it out! :)



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