Jordan's Raise

Most of you know that in mid June Jordan was advised of a career advancement opportunity and was promoted during the first week of July.  His second pay in July showed his full pay increase.  I asked Jordan to send me his paystub so I could work out his new gross pay.

They had told Jordan that he would receive between $200-300/month increase in salary (don't ask why they talk like that, he is salaried) - with some quick math we saw that they are offering $2,400 to $3,600 increase in pay. As his current salary is $42,000 he's looking at ending up at $44,400 to $45,600.

So...what did he end up at?


They wound up giving him the smallest increase in the range that they offered.

Don't get me wrong going from $42,000 to $44,400 is fantastic - it's a 5.7% increase in pay.  It's disappointing that they would give a range that was higher and then not talk to him about what they were actually going to give him.  This is particularly frustrating because he should have gotten an increase in pay just for completing his second year parts apprenticeship...and he just got a promotion that includes increased responsibility and supervision of two other employee's work loads.

...either way...

Congratulations Jordan! 

I  love you


  1. Congrats. It will benefit the both of you.

  2. Congrats to you both! Look at it this way a raise is better then no raise, even though I'm sure Jordan really deserves the higher percentage.


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