Notice of Assessment

Does anyone ever read their notice of assessment? It's that peice of paper you get in the mail once you've filed your taxes that says how much the government is giving you / how much you are going to give them. It summarizes the taxes filed and it gives you the following years RRSP dedcution limit.

I've contributed to RRSP for some time now (though withdrew in 2008 which was a HUGE mistake) but i've never really looked that this limit before. My limit is $13,116. If I were to max that out it would be just over $1300/month *not going to happen* right now I depost $120/month. Hmm... It's a thought though.

I wonder if I should be investing more. Right now, I think that it's not a good idea... I'm currently putting about 21% of my income into savings... GVO reccomds 10%

Perhaps once my visa is paid off. What are your thoughts?


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