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I am a big fan of Gail Vaz Ozlade, and her show 'till debt do us part. One of the ways she encourages people to manage there money is to use her 'majic jar system'. Once the budget has been made, you can divide your variable expenses so that you have weekly amounts you can spend. She uses jars so people can see their money coming in and going. You also need a notebook to track every sent that you spend - it doesn't work unless you track it.

so using gails budgeting tools to help figure out my weekly amounts ( I used the budget numbers I posted preivously, but entered them into her spreadsheet. I also customized the sheet a bit to meet my needs - this is pretty easy if you are familiar at all with excel).

Below is a picture of the jar amounts I'm going to start using. I get paid next week, so I will start my jar system that week. This week, I will find the jars (going to try not to buy them) and a notebook to get organized.

I have hidden some of the fields, b/c I am not comfortable posting exactly how much I make. That said, if anyone needs help creating a sheet like this for themselves, I would be more than happy to send you something.


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