Weekly Spend - February (week 2)

I fell behind in weekly spend reports for February so this is a bit of a catch-up.  Given our splurge on photography for Little Miss' birthday and the Costco shop - we're already over budget for the month.  Here's a look:

Let's go through this month so far -

Both vehicles needed fuel this month, plus a trip to the city has gas hire than normal this month.

Groceries are high due to the stock up at Costco.

This week was our splurge eat-out week.  We hit up the buffet at the local Indian Restaurant as well as a few too many stops at Tim Hortons and Dairy Queen.  I think we'll rain this in for the rest of the month.

Entertainment includes Disney Plus, Netflix, and a trip to the Hot Springs a few hours away.

Pets spend is three bags of dog food which will last for the next three to four months or so.

Clothes were for Jordan who just went back to work.  He needed some jeans, t-shirts etc.  His work is hard on his clothes.

Kids Stuff was largely explained in yesterday's Costco shop post.  It also includes about $1,400 from a photography session for Little Miss' first birthday.  Gifts include those pictures and a few picture frames.

Vehicle and Home Maintenance were also explored in yesterday's Costco post.  There is also around $55 spent at the local hardware store for a few items around the house.


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