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This past weekend we did a Costco run to stock up on a few essentials (and some non-essentials).  We have to be careful shopping at Costco.  It is easy to assume everything costs less - many things do but not everything.  It's also key to not spend on something that costs less if you won't use it before it expires.   I've gone through the receipt line by line to come up with the summary above.

Gas - This was the cost of fueling the vehicle after driving to Costco.

Costco - After going through all the categories this is the amount that was leftover.  It represents the taxes on all the items we purchased.

Kids Stuff - The kids needed bathing suits for this coming summer season. Little Man also needed socks and undies.  I also picked up for him a new book and a snorkel/flippers set for $25.   Little Miss needed diapers and wipes ($36 for the diapers and $23 for the wipes) - so this is included here too.  I also picked up a pack of three water bottles.

Groceries - These are some bulk items that are simply less expensive at Costco.  It includes frozen fruit, lunch snacks (yogurt, cheese strings), cheese, dumplings, baby cookies, coffee, syrup, trail mix, coffee, sugar, salsa, granola bars, icing sugar, dishwasher detergent etc.

Home Maintenance - Metal water bottles for Jordan and triple-A batteries.

Vehicle Maintenance - This is windshield wipers for both vehicles and a case of windshield washer fluid.

Pets - Three bags of dog food.

Medical - This is some back & muscle pills.

Clothes/Shoes/Hair - This includes jeans and t-shirts for Jordan.  He just went back to work and needed a few things.

Gifts - I printed some pictures and some are for our home, and some to give away to grandparents.

Alcohol - Picked up a bottle of whisky for Jordan and a few bottles of wine for the cellar.

phew.  That's it.

That's it she says.  It's a lot and it's what keeps the wheels moving.



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