Renovations...are we done yet?

Since we bought our home back in 2016 we've been taking on one renovation project at a time.  Before we moved in, we actually did a full kitchen and bathroom renovation on the main floor.  This past summer we did extensive work in our backyard (full privacy fence, deck, patio, pergola & hot tub). 

This fall, we updated the flooring in our Master Bedroom and added a tile back-splash in our kitchen.

We're now preparing for our final reno - the basement.  The basement was previously used as a yoga studio - just a big open space.  It wasn't particularly functional or attractive for our family, but we've made it work.  Given our newest addition, we felt very strongly that we now needed to get this last big job completed.  The urgency is now because I work from home, and my home office is going to become Little Miss' bedroom - so I need the space downstairs.

We're starting later than we had hoped, but are really excited to be moving this along.  The total estimate is just under $90,000 (including GST).  We'll be gaining two full bedrooms, a proper laundry room, a full bathroom (currently there is just a sink/toilet), a wine brewing & storage room and a proper living / family room & play area for the kiddos.

So, so excited.

Now that we have our quote, I've been pulling together confirmation of employment letters etc. etc. for the bank to see what we can muster for our renovation loan and how much we'll have to personally finance. Fingers crossed.


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