Networth Update

I've been tracking our Net-worth since 2013 and when looking at just the current year month-to-month, sometimes it feels like we have such slow (or no) movement.  I enjoy end of the year posts because you can really see the long term impact of the changes you've made over the years.

I think also helpful because over the course of the year you can have dips as market's change, investments change, life changes...but over the course of six years we've made such a change in our circumstances.

The biggest changes we made in 2018 included:

  • Paid off our second vehicle while is still has a trade in value
  • Increased the value of our home through renovations
  • Continued contributing to RRSPs, RESPs
...and some changes we didn't make, but were made and impacted us:
  • Temporary employment agreement was made full time
  • Jessie had two raises
  • Jordan had a raise 
We don't just save our money though - we see it as a tool and some money was spent! 

In 2018 we:
  • Went on a week vacation across the country for my cousins wedding
  • Bought a hot-tub 
  • Many many many trips to my mom's cabin by a lake around 1.5 hours from here
  • Cared for my Great Aunt when she was passing (many trips to a city about 3 hours from here)
  • Celebrated my sons third birthday (okay, this didn't really cost much but I wanted to share)
  • Went to a city around 8 hours away during a work trip - Jordan and Little Man came and played tourist when I was working and visited family
  • Ate well (perhaps too well...we'll see as I start tracking $$ on food again)
I'm sure there's more, but the point of this was just to share that we save, we spend and we try to make good choices for our family that keep us healthy and happy both now and in the future.



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