Sexy Kitchen Sink and Sexy Savings

That's right.

I said it.

My kitchen sink is sexy.

This is a 9 inch deep, cast iron, 130 pound beauty!

I bought it online from Lowes for $344.  A bit of a splurge however; we felt like this was a really excellent statement piece for the space.

It get's better though.  Jordan and I were back at Lowes in the big city looking for kitchen faucets (that's a whole other dramatic story), when I saw that the same sink I had bought two months before, was now priced at $269.  That's a crazy $75 cheaper...so naturally I had to stand in line to speak to customer service to see about getting that money back.

It turned out that their normally policy was within 30 days - but after speaking with the department manage, the customer service manager, and the only sales supervisor, we got it approved!  Woohoo!  Everyone wanted to help, they just had to figure out how to do it.  They wound up 'returning't he original sale and then re-selling it to me at the new price.

But get this!  When they rang it it, it come up on the till at the originally $344.

It turns out that the sink was priced incorrectly in the store, so they honored it for me, and then promptly removed the tag in the store.  I was pretty pumped to save the money - and we were able to put it towards the faucet we were buying.



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