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Oh Drywall!

So!  You know that we had a drywaller come in and do the walls that were rebuilt in the bathroom and master bedroom.  The shots in this post are in my dining room and living room.  You can see under the large window, in our peeling wallpaper efforts (which is bloody everywhere in this house), that we destroyed the drywall itself.  Our drywaller, when doing a walk through to quote the job, suggested a method for covering up the remaining wallpaper with a drywall compound.  It was a hard decision, but we decided to go for it in the living room.  It cost about $2/square foot and about two weeks.  Their was a  lot of layering and sanding.  This shot shows the wallpaper peaking out from between the two switches, by the time it was done - you couldn't tell wallpaper was ever there.We decided, for the hallway and bedrooms we would continue to scrape wallpaper and see what was underneath.The total drywall bill was $1.875.


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