January/February Spend Report

Catching up from the first few months of the year, here is our January/February spend reports.

January was big on groceries because we were stocking up both my and my mom's pantry's, and gas spiked in February because we'll be driving a lot more to visit each other on weekends.

We had a big expense in February for Vehicle Maintenance - this was getting an out of province inspection on the Escape, and getting it insured in BC.  We paid for the insurance as a lump sum.

Education is my HRIA membership which I maintain to keep my CHRP designation.

January was huge for Home Maintenance because we started putting a lot of focus on getting the house ready to sell.  This included:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • House Cleaning
  • Home Staging Consultant
  • Purchases of baskets, containers, bedding for when we show the home

So, we're up in some categories and down in others.  After reimbursables - we're on track for our normal monthly expenditures.


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