February Networth Update


Our net worth shot up from $77,804 to $88,068 in the last month!  A big piece of that came from my educational reimbursement ($1,900) and Jordan's dental reimbursement ($2,700).  Of course it also went up because of our regular debt repayments and regular savings as well as the increase in value of our investments (share, pension, rrsp).

There is a small balance on our Amex that we'll pay off next week, our Escape is down to $12,800 and the LOC is down to $24,400 - combined there's $37, 200 - which I could combine onto the LOC which has a lower interest rate.

I'm really torn - because the interest is 1.41% lower - but the LOC is tied to prime which could go up at anytime.

I update my tracking bars more regularly then I post these but I thought I would share where we're at with our planning spending goals - I suppose the emergency and baby fund aren't exactly planned spending - but they aren't us unaccessible as the RRSPs/Pension/Shares (which I'm not showing here).

We're coming along on paying off our debt - here's a snapshot of where we are at.


  1. You should really start to see the amount of principal paid each month on the Escape go up now!

  2. Great job on the NW increase!


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