ING Streetwise = Success

Back in July, I shared that Jordan and I were going to try out ING Streetwise accounts to see if it was a good investment fit for us...I'm so very pleased to share that it has been an overwhelming success!

We both chose the Streetwise Equity Growth Fund and it's been amazing!

Book Value Market Value Increase
Jessie  $  3,236.59  $     3,655.74 12.95%
Jordan  $  4,662.39  $     5,271.16 13.06%

In just 6 short months - the funds have already increased by $1, about a way to increase your networth!
If you are planning on switching to ING Direct, consider using my Orange Key.  If you deposit $100 or more, we'll both get a bonus $25!


  1. The real test comes when there is a market downturn. Then you have to have the risk tolerance to ride it out.

  2. Nice! I just went into the Balanced Growth and its been seeing a steady growth as well.

  3. Wow! Very profitable investments you got there.


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