Our new Kia Rio - Saving on Gas

Yesterday I shared with you that with you that Jordan and I took the plunge to purchase a 2013 Kia Rio EX manual transmission sedan.

In pearl black with a grey interior an 16" alloy wheels - it looks super sporty!

But looks...well that's just a side benefit.  The big reason we are making this change is fuel economy.  When we moved outside of the city and decided that we would commute into work every day, we didn't realize how taxing that would be on the gas budget.

Here is a graph that shows our average gas expenditure over the last three and a half years.

2010 was back when we lived and commuted in the city - into 2013 we carpool but drive upwards of 100KMs a day plus more on weekends and holidays.

Perhaps an even more interesting graph is the ebb and flow of gas expenditure over the course of a year.  Check out this one:

Clearly we drive a lot - and a lot more in the summer then in other months...of course what's not factored in here is the cost of gas and that does fluctuate a lot too.

I took the number of KMs we drove in July and our gas consumption to come up with our average fuel economy for the escape (10.42 L/100Km).  I used the advertised city fuel economy to come up with this chart which projected a savings of $109/month based on a fuel price of $1.20/liter.

Next week, I'll share with you the updated budget which will encompass the savings in gas, plus the new car payment and increased insurance costs.



  1. You have really thought this through!

    1. Jessie's Money8 September 2013 at 12:15

      Thanks momma!

  2. Very nice! It looks kinda sporty.

  3. This car looks like it is very efficient in terms of fuel mileage. Have you ever done any comparison between all the available hybrid cars out there? I would really like to know how their fuel consumptions compare with each other.

  4. Wanted to share my experience with the same car and gas mileage. I live in a rural area and have no lights or traffic to deal with. It really does affect your fuel because i fill up once a week and get killer miles per gallon with mine. All that stop and go really does wipe out a large amount of your fuel.

    Douglass @ Viva Kia


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