Cell Phone Usage

Cell phones...can't live without them....can't live without them.

Jordan and I currently have different cell phone contracts by different providers - I'm with Bell and he's with Telus.  We have been waiting years for our contracts to end around the same time so that we could choose one, and have a joint share plan.  In theory, this should reduce our monthly expenditure on cell phones and perhaps even give us enough features (long distance) that we can finally get ride of our house phone.

To start this process, we have first summarized our usage in the table below.  

Can you guess which chart is from me, and which from Jordan? 

Jordan's on the bottom! 
*note that the last line item was current usage up to September 3, I didn't want to wait a few more days so it might go up a titch more for the current months usage. 

He texts wayyyyyy more than I do and I use a tonne  more data then he does.

Over all, a couple of things are clear.  Here's what we need on a share plan:

  • 2G of data
  • At least 500 minutes of local outgoing but preferably up to 700
  • Up to 100 minutes of long distance 
  • Up to 25 picture/video messages 
  • Unlimited text messaging nationally (incoming/outgoing)
  • Unlimited incoming calls

Jordan also would like both call display and voice mail - I hate voicemail and would be happy with just call display.  What do you think, are we missing anything?



  1. My package includes Voicemail for up to 3 messages, free. It is enough. I wouldn't pay more for it, either.

  2. So weird - call display and voicemail are just built in with phones here.

    I wonder how many texts I send in a month. I often go days without texting, so it's probably under 100. Haha. Back when I was a teen, it was definitely in the hundreds, if not over 1000.

    T texts way more than I do. I'd guess I would use more data except for the fact that I'm always on wifi at home or at work, and my phone is paid for by work.


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