Updated Tracking Bars

Jordan is paid on Thursdays - so I transferred some funds to our Vehicle Maintenance Fund.  Here's a summary of our 2013 savings goals:

The first column is what we have, then our goal, then what we need.  The final column is the percentage we are towards the goal.

We've already reached our goal for vacations this year - by the number you can see that we're not doing whole lot of camping or any kind of other vacation.  Because we're directing so much cash to our back yard project, we're only committing to stay-cations.

A question for you though - have you ever told your family that you're cutting back on expenses that will affect how you traditionally celebrate their birthdays, or other holidays, and how did they react?

We told our families back in January about the changes to our budget - so they wouldn't be surprised.  It seems that some are taking it more smoothly then others.  With some asking us to 'find a way' - which I'm not sure that we can.

Jordan is very confident in our decisions, and so am I - but it's difficult when you're family doesn't get on board with you too.



  1. In my family there always seems to be someone hurting for money or just deciding to cut back spending. I am lucky in the sense no one gets mad about it. Plus if I wanted to do something and my family couldn't afford it anymore, I would just pay for them as well. I wanted my parents to visit me in Utah and so I bought them plane tickets because they couldn't afford them. the people who don't understand are selfish.

  2. We did that for Christmas last year and told everyone we were not giving Christmas gifts to extended family (other than children). They accepted it just fine, but they continued to exchange amongst themselves, which was perfectly fine with us. As for extended family birthdays, we have cut right back to $10/person and again, they all know this, so if they choose to "over-gift" for our birthdays then we can only assume they WANT to do so and are not expecting the same in return.


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