A couple of things happened this week.

  1. I got venomously p*ssed off that someone in my neighborhood stole 5 bags of deposit based cans/bottles off of our front porch.
  2. I got frustrated that I was relying on the estimated $60 worth of recyclable money to go to a work function this weekend.
  3. Jordan and realized that we don't manage our day to day money as well as we could.

So...how are all of those things related?  Booze.

Not all of the garbage bags were alcohol, but a fair number of bottles/cans were from beer/spirits.  Of course, we can also return milk cartons and the like for a refund as well.  Once I have a garage, things like that will be kept there..not on my front porch.  I was frustrated for two reasons 1. someone stole.  2. money.   I'm going to focus on the later of those two points.

The last two months have been very hectic - we have had guests stay over, or been guests for someone elses get to gether, had cab fair, a work function - or some other such thing every week - sometimes twice a week.  We pride ourselves on being good hosts, and good guests - and so we are a bit behind on our day-to-day spending...supplementing with our credit card.

We've caught it before it's gotten too bad (only owe $200) - but it's like a pay day loan to ourselves.  Each week, we pay ourselves back, and then start the next week with less money in our day to day account.

Enter our recyclables.

I was counting on that to help us get back out of our little hole we're in, and go to a work function this weekend - turns out that's not going to happen.

Then I realized, that it is absolutely ridiculous that I was relying on pop bottles!  Seriously.  Jordan and I make over $114,000 a year (gross)  Pop Bottles!

My gawd!

So..I told Jordan about this realization and how annoyed I was.  The topic changed gears, and went back and forth a few times - but we realized two things.
  1. We don't plan for entertainment/parties/socializing in anyway.
  2. We drink just about everyday - just the two of us.  
Now, don't get me wrong.  We'll have wine with supper, or a couple of beers after work - but that is seriously adding up.  We also like to have a well stocked bar for our guests.

You can see in 2010 our average monthly spending on alcohol was pretty crazy, then in 2011 we got ourselves sorted out.  Ever since then, it's been steadily creeping back up.

So.  What are we going to do about it?

We have pledged that for the month of March, we will not drink when it is just the two of us.  Instead, we will save that money and use it if/when we go out with friends - whether there is drinking or not.

The intent behind this is two fold.  One, we will have the money to spend time with friends instead of wasting it on personal consumption and doing so without just adding more money to our day-to-day spending account (an idea that came up, and we both tossed out).  Two, we will be healthier.  Drinking in moderation is a much safer and healthier route. 

Just for fun, we weighed ourselves this morning, and will again in a months time - to see if we also lose any weight.


  1. It'll be really good for the potential baby Jones, too.

    1. Indeed...there are a few reasons to be a more pro-active around consumption :)


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