With possession of our new home about six weeks away - it's hard not to dream about all the things that we think would help turn our place into a home.  Some things we feel we need, others we know can wait - it gets a bit fuzzy in between when you're walking down the isles of Home Depot, Ikea and others.
So..Jordan and I made a list - we wrote out the item and the approximate cost...very approximate.  

Then..here's the big part, we actually prioritized those things together (I felt so grown up).

We chose, as a team, what we wanted as soon as we got settled into the new place, then what we wanted to do in the spring, the fall and then as we can afford each item.  In all practicality - it may take up to five years before we are able to save and pay for each of these items...but we will be assured that we have a plan and everything we want isn't a 'no' it's a 'where does it fit on the list'.


  1. This is such a good idea.

  2. It is remarkable the cost of making a house into a home. Lucky for my husband and I we both had complete households when we moved in together.

  3. Have you considered window coverings? That can be a pretty chunk of change.

    We've made a similar list. Over the years the list and priorities have changed but it's still something we use to move forward. Next up on our big list is our driveway.

  4. @ Mom - Thanks (she's being modest, it was her idea)

    @banclothing - it's pretty incredible! Jordan and I have lived in the townhouse we are in for about five years so we've got a large number of items - but some are just trashed from five years of roommates.

    @Makky's Mom - window coverings are included in our new build, so that's one thing we don't have to worry about :)

  5. So grown-up!

    I thought I was pretty grown-up the other day when I put the remaining pasta in tuperware containers instead of just putting the pot in the fridge ;)

  6. Jessie congrats on the house! I am a homeowner myself - I would suggest you checkout my blog that has an article on how to save up to 22.6% off at home depot -- if you plan on doing any serious rehabbing it will save you a ton!!

  7. @ Girl - that's so a grown up move, I love it!!

  8. I feel like I just watched (/read) an episode of one of Gail Vaz-Oxlade's shows, lol. Great planning! My favourite part is how your priorities aren't all about furniture; it's about building your dream home/life. :)

  9. This is an awesome idea. It can be used for all of your wants. I'm going to do something like this soon.

  10. Smart! Maybe think about getting some of those things used? I know bright and new things are exciting, but sometimes secondhand stuff is actually better made and cheaper!

  11. Ha! We're planning to buy a house soon and I know we'll want to change a bunch of stuff and we'll definitely need some more furniture and window and floor coverings. Your list is exactly what I was planning to do with my husband once we found a house. It's too easy to get caught up with the new furniture or tv or whatever when you REALLY want a fence and garage. :)


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